10 things to GET to get WITH IT

1. Get serious – Do you want to do it even though you know better?   When you do something knowing all along that it isn’t going to end well, STOP doing it. Suffering obvious consequences is preventable. Don’t sleep with the married man, don’t touch the stove when it’s hot and STOP pretending that you can’t avoid it. Stop doing things that hurt. 

2. Get down and dirty – Are you lying to yourself because the idea is better than reality? Breaking points happen when we begin to see the line between what we want and what we actually have. Have you held on to the job you hate only because you like telling people what you do? Where do you say one thing and yet feel another? Start being honest with yourself.

3. Get detached – Why are you waiting for someone else’s permission? Do you believe that someone is holding you back? Waiting until he gets his life together, waiting until she gives you what you want or waiting for everyone to do their thing before you, puts you at the end of the line. Remove yourself from the co-dependent notion that you have to wait your turn. YOU determine how much control another person has over you. Give yourself the permission you are waiting for.

4. Get scared – Do you prevent fear cause it is too darn scary? Some people need to jump out of a plane to get a rush while others can achieve the same high at an amusement park. Make an intention this year to find out what your comfort level is and then go beyond it. Make a goal to do something that scares you. Humans need challenge, we need to constantly feel the itch of contrast and the gentle rub of trepidation. If your dream doesn’t scare the hell out of you it’s too small.

5. Get lonely – If all your friends jumped off a bridge would you? You will not find a crowd that leads you toward your hearts desire. To find it you must break away from the pack. To discover your inner purpose you must go it alone. Friends will help, teachers will guide but no one can tell you how to get there. If you are afraid of going it alone practice solitude. Stop avoiding yourself.

6. Get lost – Do you rely too much on a plan? No one remembers uneventful road trips. We all remember, in great detail the road trips when we got lost, broke down and never found the destination. Trust that in life just like a great road trip if you are lost it will be meaningful, If you break down you needed to stop, and if you never get where you were going you were never meant to go there, at least not yet. Failure is the best teacher.

7. Get crazy – When was the last time you were foolish? Dreamers, innovators and visionaries change the world. It is the outrageous ones who challenge the status quo by expanding their minds and opening their hearts to wild possibilities. Instead of doing what is expected do what your soul longs to do. The most empowering choice of all is to cease giving a damn what anyone thinks. Accept your eccentricities.

8. Get bored – Do you really need to do all that? Are you hiding from pain by masking it with a jam-packed schedule? Have you filled your day with time wasters like social networking sites and Bejeweled. Stop filling your time with nonsense. Discover the difference between doing and being. I bet you don’t have to do half the things you tell yourself. Just be!

9. Get critical – Is your life working? Have you begun to think that a few things could use a tune up? Perhaps what used to work has begun to break down. You always thought you were a city mouse but perhaps you are craving a change, perhaps you are longing to become a country mouse. Lifestyles can change.

10. Get going – What are you waiting for? Are you constantly waiting for the next elusive something? Stop giving the next elusive something all your power. You don’t need anything other than what you have at this very moment to begin. Waiting for something is an excuse to not get started. Putting your life and your needs on hold until you get “something” keeps you stuck. At this very moment you have everything you could possibly need to get started! 

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