Anna Papalia

048Anna left the corporate world to help others discover their purpose, create an authentic life, and achieve their goals. Drawn from her 10-plus years of experience in corporate recruiting, talent acquisition, training, and human resources—as well as her personal journey of self-discovery—she has developed an effective, six-step coaching method for increasing motivation and inspiring change. Since launching SHIFT Philadelphia in 2011, Anna has served both private clients on an individual basis and large consulting projects with universities and corporations including Lincoln Financial Group and Temple University. She has helped students, entrepreneurs, senior executives, and job seekers of all ages shift into meaningful careers, gain confidence, prepare for interviews and negotiate job offers.

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Anna has designed a life on her own terms. Independent since age 15, she went on to earn a scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania. Her keen intelligence, inner strength, and people skills led to a thriving, decade-long career in the insurance and finance industries. Prior to founding SHIFT Philadelphia, Anna spent several years at Conner Strong & Buckelew, which ranks among the largest insurance brokerages in the country. As Manager of Recruiting and Workforce Development, she supervised the company’s recruiting efforts and was responsible for placing $7.2 million in salary dollars in just two years. After being promoted to Director of Talent Acquisition, she added an intern program and saved $2.2 million on recruiting fees. Prior to Papalia’s employment at Conner Strong & Buckelew, she was a contingent recruiter, securing and placing accounting and finance executives in Fortune 500 companies and privately owned businesses across all industries.

As a former corporate recruiter, Anna has an unparalleled window into what it takes to land not just any job—but the right job.

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