Breaking old habits, creating new ones at home and at work


“I need to stop spending so much money.” Or “I should start eating more healthy food.” We all have a habit or two we’d like to break, yet despite our best intentions, longtime routines die hard. This morning on Radio Times, we’ll talk about our habits – at work and at home – and how we can change them. We’ll be joined by career coach ANNA PAPALIA of “SHIFT,” who helps business professionals adopt new habits and eliminate the ones that get in the way. She wrote a blog series on habits and consults with corporations and universities to nip bad habits in the bud before they begin. We’ll also hear from MITESH PATEL, about his recent research that found financial incentives can be a strong factor in motivating people to exercise. And finally, we’ll talk with licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist AMY MORIN about what we can learn from her book “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.”



About Anna Papalia

Anna has helped students, entrepreneurs, senior executives, and job seekers of all ages shift into meaningful careers, gain confidence, prepare for interviews, negotiate job offers, and SHIFT INTO BALANCE for inner peace, joy, and authentic abundance.

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