For the person crying


I walked into a public bathroom today and there was a note on the sink that read “For the person crying, I hope your day gets better!” I hadn’t been the one crying (this time), I assumed it had been the woman before me and I hoped that she saw the note. I hoped that it made her feel better that someone thought enough to leave a note. That a perfect stranger who just happened to be in the bathroom, and just happened to overhear sobbing in the stall next door did not try to comfort her or intervene because she knew that if she was crying in bathroom (and who hasn’t been there) she needed privacy. However, she also knew that she needed to know that she wasn’t alone. It was the sincerest form of empathy I have ever witnessed. She didn’t want to know why she was crying, she didn’t offer to fix her problem, she simply acknowledged that she heard her and she hoped her day got better.

Sometimes, when our friends and loved ones are upset all we need to do is say “I hear you and I hope your day gets better.”

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