Life Coach Weekly- Pulling it off

img488I have a beautiful, leggy friend who wears Campers. They are Spanish shoes that are funky yet functional. Designed for walking cool European streets, made popular by the very few who can pull them off. She wears them effortlessly whereas when I try to wear them, they look awkward and forced.

Has this happened to you? Have you been inspired by seeing someone pull something off so effortlessly that you think, “Yes, that must be it! I want to look like that and be like that.”  I should do what they’re doing. I should be an accountant, learn to knit and wear Campers. “I’ll have what she’s having!” Yet when you get it, YOU can’t pull “it” off. It doesn’t fit you the same way. It doesn’t look the same. In trying your neighbors career, your mothers hobby or your friends shoes you realize, YOU are not them. Crunching numbers feels forced to you, you don’t have the patience to pick out yarn let alone learn how to knit and your feet are just too damn wide for those cute European shoes. So what is it then? How can you be happy like them, if what they have doesn’t work for you?

Easy, find what it is that makes YOU happy and do that. Because the designer shoes aren’t what you want, it is the self-assuredness with which she wears them. Because the accounting career isn’t what you want, it is the joy with which he talks about it. Because it isn’t knitting, it is peace that you are after. “Pulling it off” comes from a confidence that can’t be bought or imitated. It isn’t just any career that makes someone skip to work, it is the one that is fulfilling and meaningful to YOU. It isn’t just any hobby that brings peace and relaxation, it is the one that YOU can’t tear yourself away from. It isn’t just any shoe that fits, it is the one that feels the most comfortable to YOU. Accepting that someone else’s thing doesn’t work for you allows you to find your own thing. Whatever “it” turns out to be for you, you will know you found it when others will want what you are having because you are “pulling it off.”

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