Download free interview preparation tools to get you prepared to look for a job, conquer the interview and your nerves. The Interview Handbook details what types of interviews and questions to expect and includes a thank you email template to send after the interview. The Resume Template makes writing a resume a cinch, just download it and fill in your information and experience. If you have trouble coming up with how to write your resume check out the 10 Ways to Write a Killer Resume and call us for help 215-901-3088

Interview handbook

Download this Interview Handbook to prepare for what types of interviews there are, what kinds of questions to ask and how to send an awesome thank you email. Good luck!

Click here to download the InterviewHandbook


Interview To Do List

Click here to download the To Do List

Here’s what you have to do to get the job. Refer to this list throughout the interview process to track your progress, check stuff off as you go and pat yourself on the back when you succeed!


10 Ways to Write a Killer Resume

Click here to download 10 Ways to Write a Killer Resume

1) A resume is not a list of everything you have ever done, it’s a highlight reel- BE RELEVANT The biggest mistake people make is that they approach a resume like a job description and write out every task that they have ever done. A resume is an overview of your accomplishments not a laundry list! Coaching tip- Once you get the interview you can elaborate on your bullet points. The interview is the place to talk in greater detail but for now, when writing a resume keep…


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10 Questions to Ask When You Get An Offer

Click here to download 10 Questions to Ask When You Get An Offer

1) What’s the job title and what are the responsibilities? JOB TITLE Make sure the offer is for the job you interviewed for. Occasionally during the course of the interview process needs may have changed within the company and the position you are offered is not the position you originally applied for. Coaching tip: Find out the official title and ask, “To whom will I be reporting? What department will I be working in?”

2) Is this a salaried or hourly position? SALARY OR HOURLY Companies determine whether…


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STAR Method

Prepare for Behavioral Based Interview questions using the STAR method.

Click here to download the STAR Method



Power pose

If you are nervous, there is new research that suggests “faking it till you make it” actually works. So, before the interview walk like an executive, take up as much space as you can and pop into a power pose!

Click here to download The Confidence Game-How to Bring Out Your Inner Hotshot


5 Ways to Interview like a Natural

Naturals interview effortlessly. They exude confidence while being down to earth, smart without being cocky and approachable yet unaffected by the process. Naturals are wonderfully fun to interview. Naturals however only make up 20% of the population. The majority of people must practice, the good thing about practice is that it does indeed make perfect and you can interview like a Natural as well if you follow these 5 ways to interview like a natural!  5 Ways to Interview Like a Natural


Resume Template

Download this Resume Template and plug in your experience using full sentences and action words. If you need help or guidance, contact a Shift Career Coach at 215-901-3088 




Thank you email

Aside from being mandatory and a great way to score some serious points with the interviewer a Thank you email after the interview is the best way for you to underscore your continued interest in the company and the position. Tips- Make it professional and personal. Be sure to remind the interviewer of what you talked about, if you chatted about Excel put it in your thank you letter.


Resignation letter

When you have accepted another position, you must submit a ResignationLetter to your manager. Here is a template that is easy to use and personalize. Resignation letter



Create goals, I Dare You

Visualize, commit, and act! The “I Dare You” packet will help you visualize what success means to you. It will help achieve success by demystifying the path to success and by helping you take meaningful action. If you want to start on the path to your personal success story, click here to download  I Dare You.


In Case of Emergency

Download the In case of emergency document to start a list of all the stuff makes you feel good. The next time you are in a bad mood, work your way down the list and do each activity until you feel better.




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