Success Stories

"I feel totally prepared

for any interview now."

"I feel totally prepared for any interview now."

Career Coaching Success Story

“I had to let you know about the experience I had this afternoon, which was a direct result of our work together. I noticed an enormous ‘SHIFT’ in my brain…absolute joy. I had reached a place in my mind that allowed only for a serene smile and effortless energy to complete the task at hand. Despite the physical nature of this work, I was NOT exhausted, only contented. I have NEVER felt like this while working! You have been gently and firmly guiding me to this endeavor for the past few months. I will still need your guidance, but had to let you know how much I value the work you have done with me and am so excited to continue!”

—Career Coaching client

 Life Coaching Success Story

“A very impressive and inspiring young lady came into my life and showed me how to SHIFT through my internal mess and learn how to become ‘unstuck.’ So I started to clean house. Picking away at the mess and slowly revealing the hidden light of my own spirit. I learned how to detach myself from everyday strife; to relax and become at peace with stillness…with the most exciting part being that it’s all because I merely shifted my own perception. Shift on.”

—Life Coaching client and avid Life Coach Weekly blog follower

Interview Coaching Success Stories

“After participating in an interview workshop with Anna, I felt ready to conquer my nerves and land a prominent job. Like most business students, I had grown tired of hearing the same old tips for succeeding in interviews. Anna doesn’t just repeat common sense advice. She explains the signals you send with your answers, body language, and appearance. Then she gives a candid account of what goes through an interviewer’s head. She has a natural ability to bring out your inner confidence. She gets results, too. I landed my number one job choice because no fear or anxiety held me back, thanks in no small part to Anna.”

—Temple University Fox School of Business graduate

“I enjoyed Anna’s interview workshop so much that I decided to see her for one-on-one sessions because I was nervous about interviewing and not landing a job. During our two sessions we really got to the root of my issues and tackled them head on. After my second session with her, I went into my interview with a completely different vibe than in previous interviews and got a job offer two weeks later.”

—Temple University Senior, Class of 2011 Interview Workshop attendee and Career Coaching client

“Anna helped hone my talents and abilities so that I would have more to offer potential employers. The help and coaching that Anna has given me allowed me to enter interviews with confidence. Her help is a major reason why I was able to obtain a job in this struggling market.”

—Temple University Senior, Class of 2011, Interview Workshop attendee

Interview Workshop Testimonials

“It was the best and most energetic workshop I have attended.”

“I liked her candid feedback and how she made everyone participate. The workshop was awesome!”

“The workshop came with a great handbook that I will use for years to come.”

“Anna was very professional, easily approachable and helpful with specific issues for each individual.”

“She taught us techniques to ease our nerves in an interview instead of just telling us it will all be okay.”

“I feel totally prepared for any interview.”

“Everything was extremely helpful and this can be applied in all areas of my life, not just finding and landing a job. Phenomenal!”


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